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You are My Little Bird is a music album where Elizabeth Mitchell’s voice brings a fresh sound to cherished American fold songs and other melodies from around the world. In a peaceful yet powerful way, she reintroduces us to the songs we thought we knew so well. Songs include Little Liza Jane, Who’s My Pretty Baby, Souzan (Little Elephant), Little Bird, Little Bird, Three Little Birds, What Goes On, Pomp Na To RI (Springtime Outing), Buckeye Jim, Peace Like a River, Los Polios (The Little Chicks), Winter’s Come and Gone, Little Wing, Lily Pond, The North Wind, If You Listen, Down in the Valley and Grassy Grass . 17 song collection

Elizabeth Mitchell is to children’s music what a band like True Love is to indie rock: an insider’s darling. Which can only mean one thing: any day now, she’s going to blow up huge. You Are My Little Bird, Mitchell’s third kids’ CD and her first on the well-respected Smithsonian Folkways label, hews closely to the folkie-but-never-hokey sensibility she laid out so beautifully on the first two records. Here are 17 short, soft, sweet, homespun-sounding songs, some of them easily recognizable (“Peace Like a River,” “Three Little Birds,” “Down in the Valley”), some of them inexplicably obscure (Neil Young’s “Little Wing,” Gillian Welch and David Rawling’s “Winter’s Come and Gone,” Francois Hardy’s magical “If You Listen”). Throughout, even on tracks where her young daughter joins in, Mitchell’s warm whisper of a voice compels a close listen, not just because the production is so spare you can practically feel her breath on your cheek but because there’s something in her phrasing that suggests an old, wise soul. Miraculously, the bird concept never gets clunky; two exotic foreign-language songs–one Korean and one Japanese–help, but the real credit belongs to this all-around superb disc’s sole stab at the subversive: Mitchell’s stamp on “What Goes On,” the Velvet Underground favorite, practically sails off the disc with its sunniness. –Tammy La Gorce


“A gorgeous collection of songs about birds for Folkways. Weird, but wonderful. Oh, all of life is wonderful now.” — The Village Voice, Nov 14, 2006

“Our whole family loves your music. You have a wonderful voice — We love the hipness of the songs.” — William H. Macy

“This is the family music that I love – soulful, mysterious, inclusive & rollicking!” — Dan Zanes

“[Elizabeth] Mitchell is someone I would listen to if there were young people around or not.” – Dan Zanes — The Washington Post, August 6, 2006

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