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Two years ago Matthews Southern Comfort celebrated a much acclaimed musical comeback with their album Like A Radio. In a new and younger line-up, the album of the singer/songwriters was at the cutting edge – it sounded fresh, absolutely modern and innovative. The musical skills of the new MSC members, their engagement as well as their unbridled joy of playing were still unparalleled and the polyphonic flowing vocal harmonies evoked the original version of the band. In the beginning of the year 2020 Iain Matthews and his latest incarnation of Matthews Southern Comfort will release their new album The New Mine, featuring 12 tracks, with which they continue their musical successful recipe: somewhere between traditional British folk-rock and Americana, strong songs, excellent playing and arrangements and perfect production all add up to make this a supremely enjoyable listen again. The New Mine features an extraordinary and remarkable version of Joni Mitchell’s Ethiopia from the Dog Eat Dog album, which the popular American singer and songwriter had released in 1985. Remember: Matthews Southern Comfort had their biggest chart success exactly 50 years ago with their million-selling version of Joni’s Woodstock. Maybe history is repeating itself!


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