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Produced by longtime collaborator Dan Horne (Circles Around The Sun, Allah-Las), Mapache’s newalbum, From Liberty Street, captures the Los Angeles duo at their finest, with Sam Blasucci and ClayFinch weaving airtight harmonies around stripped-down, organic arrangements that blur the linesbetween traditional folk and modern cosmic country. The songs here reckon with longing, desire,and change, and the arrangements draw on everything from Hawaiian-steeped surf and Mexicanboleros (Blasucci spent two years living South of the border) to Bakersfield twang and lonesomecowboy campfire tunes, all delivered with the kind of easygoing charm and natural intuition usuallyreserved for blood brothers or married couples. It’s an instantly engaging chemistry the two share,a captivating musical bond that mirrors the comfort, closeness, and camaraderie of the album’shomespun roots.’This record is about as close to the sound of home as you can get,’ says Blasucci. ‘We recordedit with a bunch of our friends in the house where we were living in a neighborhood that we loved.The studio was right downstairs, so we had the freedom to try all kinds of new ideas without anypressure or limitations. All the other folks who lived in the house were musicians, too, so it made forthis communal atmosphere where everyone was always collaborating and creating together.’The First Edition LP and CD of From Liberty Street includes a free Mapache air freshener in thepackaging! Plus, the First Edition LP arrives on limited edition yellow vinyl!


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